don’t look back

Standing last night at my sadness shore

i knew i am not the person you want anymore

things we like in the start

always in the end are disliked by our heart

I never asked for more than love

but now it seems other things  mean to you much above

I am not angry but just sad

How can i love someone when my destiny always turns bad

you can fly away from me

i don’t want to hold you back

this is a goodbye from me

just go away and don’t look back !!


2 thoughts on “don’t look back

  1. Tj0 tj0!! I like this. It makes me feel 4gviness t0 my first b0rn’s mother . I wsh she c0uld nvr l00k back any m0re bcz shes destr0yd evrythng that bel0ngs 2 her we built 2gthr…*feeling hurt*

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