Tonight i am gonna miss your song
For all these years i always sang along
The way you touched hearts of all
The one missing you tonight are the people who showed you downfall
It doesn’t matter how hard i cry
You are gone but its not a good Bye
A pure soul whom no one knew
I know you will come back one day with body that’s new
A music king with a great smiling face
I wish MICHAEL your songs we can again trace
My angel asked me tonight where Michael is gone
I told her not to worry as his music will never leave you alone
I can feel your love even tonight in your song
MICHAEL I miss you but in my heart you will live all along !!

These lines are mirror of someone’s feelings .

Heart Torn Apart
Keeping dreams a secret in my heart
I came from my home miles apart
She was my inspiration to give my life a new start
She promised in my struggle she will never leave me apart
I am still there but she seems to move ahead with a new start
I am struggling with myself as her love is lost and I am torn apart
Whether to live with or without her I keep on asking my own heart
I am now a story without an end and having no start
O Lord! Why Love for most is not a feeling but a game of heart
I wish Love should be there for love and not for fun start
Why to show someone dreams when you are going to tear them apart!

All Pain is Gone

She met me when i was alone and not known

With her by my side i thought all pain is gone

Watching her laugh i always became stone

Wished to kiss her once she was alone

She walked like an angel not to be shown

I wished far away we could be gone

With the time she left me alone

Bringing me back the pain which i thought was gone

I wish i could tell her my heart is now a stone

She might have forgotten me but her love for me will never be gone

As with her by my side all pain is gone

Relations Of Life !

Relations of life are hard to be explained
Wash the cloth of life but still it is stained
You spread love but hate always remained
Double faced relations always changed
Honest friends turned to be the one who betrayed
The wounds given by them never healed & always pained
The one you trust should be your own blood they claimed
But when you want your identity they feel ashamed
Truth is only God is the one who gave you “Human “ the name
Fact is relation think themselves to be your God and keep you Framed
Relations of life hard to be explained
I wish we can give love
and in that keep everybody chained!!


8 thoughts on “Pain

    • Dear Heart dont leave me in pain
      I am missing you please come back to me again
      I love you and you are my love rain
      don’t let anything go in vain
      I wish i could hold you in my arms again
      just want to look in your beautiful eyes
      and kiss your sweet smile again !

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