life is beautiful

Life is so beautiful

Life is so beautiful
Than why every moment is so cruel
Each moment is so precious
Than why coming future seems suspicious
Love seems so shiny and bright
Than why it never ends right
To make things right chance came one
But still seems nothing undone
I wanted to live life to the full
I enjoyed but still it doesn’t seem wonderful
Relations make me feel every relation is cruel
Love makes me feel Life is still Beautiful
An incomplete Love is not what I meant
I wanted the Love That is Full
An incomplete person is not what I wanted to be
I want to be a human complete and Full
Life is so beautiful
Than why every moment is so cruel !!

Still Waiting !!

Still waiting for the right moment to come

Still waiting for all the wrongs to be undone

Still waiting fora New day

Still waiting for the perfect Sun ray

Still waiting for The golden chance

Still waiting for happiness dance

Still waiting for the morning dew

Still waiting for luck which stuck only few

Still waiting for dreams to come true

Still waiting to be the first in success Que

Still waiting for an angel to guide

Still waiting for the fame to arrive

Still waiting to be loved and not Lonely

Still waiting to be the one and Only !!


I was walking down my life’s lonely lane
Years passed and nothing was same
For my present to whom I blame
For all my love only hate came
Every time I thought only felt was shame
In pursue to win finally I lost the game
And than one fine morning he came
Removed all darkness as with him the light of love came
He taught me the happiness and nothing remained same
I wished he would have come a little early to teach love game
With him by my side I would never have walked
My life’s lonely lane

This poem was written in memory of my baby when i was admitted in hospital and she was with my parents at my home town.

She is a Little Angel

She is a little Angel
How beautiful she is no words can say
She is a little Angel
Star of my lonely nights & Sun of my rainy day
She is a little Angel
How much i love her i don’t know how to say
She is a little Angel
My tweety bird for today and my best friend for coming day
She is a little Angel
I want to see her smile in each & every way
She is a little Angel
Wrong moments seem right with her in each and every way
She is a little Angel
My Heart,My Love and My Spirit for coming days !!

Thank You Lord !

Thank you Lord for being my Light
I was on the wrong road looking for something Right
When Life was dark and nowhere there was light
you came as my lover and gave me strength to fight
Your love showed me the meaning of wrong and right
Tonight i want to win every lost fight
With your hand i know i can always see success light
Now nothing seems impossible everything is so right
Thank you LORD for being my light
With you Success and happiness i can always hold tight !!

i have to move on

Memories in my heart

Memories in my heart
Sometimes give me a smile sometimes tear me apart
Memories in my heart
Inspire me to live and tell me always, happiness to all should i  give
Memories in my heart
bring faces of the one i hate and opens an unending darkness gate
Memories in my heart
Teaches me to forget the past and forgive so that i can also live
Memories in my heart
makes me want to be a new born one more time , and enjoy every passing smile
Memories in my heart
ignites love as well as pain telling me we are always here to remain
Memories in my heart
are here to stay and whether i like them or not they will never go away !!

My Dad My Best Friend !


My Dad My Best Friend

God sent me to earth from skies
to a man with smile
And love in his eyes

He holds me close to his heart
Giving me the feeling
I am also his part

With years passing by
I moved further
He remained there
Always standing by

He is my creator my dad
Still giving me happiness
When it gets lost and i am sad

Thank you God for giving me his love
He is my Father but
Best Friend all above

I might have skipped to tell you
Dearest Dad
I am proud to be image of you
And i am sorry if at times i forget
To tell I LOVE YOU

And in all coming times
As Father I only want you
Happy Birthday to you !!

This Smile !

I was waiting for this smile for quite a while
Everything is beautiful and happiness is all across the mile
This smile makes my heart full of joy
All troubles can be handled now just as a toy

The struggle of life is flowing like river Nile
I will now cross it with this smile

When tears are everywhere and troubles become a huge pile

Friends are also nowhere than I am moving along with this smile


Everyday i am waiting for the morning star

But it seems its away from me and very far

I pray tonight  to see it tomorrow

The sight of it can only take away my sorrow

For all these years my efforts turned to  waste

But i know with its view success i will taste

For some its north pole and for others a wishing star

But my heart knows when it will shine for me all worries will go far

O please listen my morning star

Now its time for you to bless me and remove this curse ,(please take it far)

I love you my morning star

Just want to run holding your hand very very far

Please come to me my destiny my faith my belief

My morning star !!


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