Walking by your side


This evening Walking by your side

With happiness in my heart I cried

Dear Friend  those lanes we walked in the past

Life went by and time also turned fast

I loved the times walking by your side

When you were gone these walks i remembered and sighed

Today finally i found you my  lost  friend

don’t want to remember in the past how much i cried

As I am now with you my dearest friend

Don’t want to miss anymore

Our little walks with me Walking by your side !!

I Love You Rain !!


We were waiting for you dear Rain

You gave us Life and removed the pain

You gave all the happiness of  life

Without you heat waves cuts  like knife

For so many days we were missing this cool breeze

Rain you gave our minds sweet memories to freeze

I love your drops on  my face

dancing steps always love to chase

Dear Rain it was nice to have you back

Without you on this earth  life will lack

Thank you Rain for bringing us comforts and taking away pain

I love dancing for you in you with you as if a love chain

I am alive because of you Rain

Please stay with me

I don’t want to be alone again

I love you Rain !!